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Icicle Disaster is a podcast and outlet for JRPG enthusiasts looking for informative coverage on Japanese made role-playing games from every era.

All content at icicledisaster.com is authored by Zachary Brictson. The site is not open to guest posts at this time.

Meet the author…

Zachary Brictson is the founder of Icicle Disaster and host of the Icicle Disaster JRPG podcast. His writing has been featured in online publications such as ‘Playstation Universe’ and ‘Honest Gamers’, and in physical print such as the Chicago based magazine, ‘The Printed Blog,’ as well as his university’s newspaper, ‘The Northern Star’.

Since graduating with a BA in Computer Science and Japanese language, Zach held a column at ‘Haywire Magazine’ for two years, contributing reviews and essays about videogames and the industry. Now, he works as a content marketing professional for major commercial brands, and puts most of his free time into studying, discussing, and writing about JRPGs for Icicle Disaster, while participating in communities that celebrate Japanese made role-playing games.

The podcast is unfortunately on frequent hiatus. In the meantime, Zach likes to keep tabs on upcoming JRPG releases, a helpful resource to always check in on.

If you’d like to see coverage of a particular JRPG, fill out the contact form with your recommendation.

For all other inquiries, Zach can be contacted at reach@icicledisaster.com

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